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I guess I’m a nerd in a way, especially when it comes to voting.

The day I turned 18, I went to the public library and registered to vote. It was the most important thing I could think of to do, and it was also the most adult-like.

When Madi was still in high school, I took her to vote for the first time. I had already voted earlier that day, but I walked in with her and stood back a little to let her handle it.

In the gym of the church that doubles as our precinct on election day, there were four people sitting behind a folding table. They each had a list of names and were checking people in to vote.

The man who was in charge of people with last names from K - M went through the process of checking Madi in, and when he was finished, he asked if it was her first time. When she said yes, he turned around to everyone in the whole area and yelled “We have a first timer.“ The whole place erupted in applause. I cried a little then, and I’m tearing up now as I relive it.

There was another election the following year, and Madi was up to her eyeballs in homework and didn’t think she had the time. Paul and I explained that people had died for the right to vote. She must vote or she would be devaluing their sacrifice. So vote she did.

Yesterday I voted at our precinct again, and the woman who checked me in explained that for the first time I would need to show some form of picture ID.

I handed my driver’s license over, and she looked at it and then back at me and said “You know this is about to expire in December.”

I told her “ Let me get through jury duty before I worry about my next project. " I like to be civic minded, and I try to do my best, but I need a little slack.

I got a notice from the United States District Courts about a month ago. I have been so lucky. I got summoned once back when I was in college, but it was excused because I was living in another city. I have been off the radar since then.

But no longer. As soon as I got over my distress, I filled out all the paperwork. A very straightforward questionnaire with opportunities to give demographic-related information.

Suddenly, in the middle of all these factual questions came two that were very obvious in their attempt to look subtle.

I’m probably a horrible person, but I saw a chance. Maybe my answers would get me off the hook. Question: your favorite book. Answer: Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Question: last movie or TV show watched. Answer: How To Get Away With Murder.

Someone told me when the lawyers question me, I should work out how to fit in the phrase “The end times are here.” Hopefully I’ll be home by mid-morning.

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Glenn Blanco
Glenn Blanco
Nov 09, 2023

You’re so much funnier than Paul !

Kelly Marks
Kelly Marks
Nov 09, 2023
Replying to

There is absolutely nothing better you could say to me!!!


Nov 08, 2023

No way, you are making that up!

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