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Kelly Marks is standing at the front of the room speaking to students.

Speeches & Workshop

Women's Empowerment

 "I loved every minute of these activities, and I have found them extremely helpful to practice in my everyday life! Your creativity is truly something that the world needs a lot more of, so thank you for being you!"   - Izzie Falls, Women's Leadership Development, UNCC

"Women like you are what help inspire me to be resilient and gain confidence as a woman in the workforce."  - Madi Robertson

Kelly works with diverse companies and organizations across the country, but her main emphasis is working with Women's Empowerment groups.

Using a unique form of humor, science, and right-brain thinking, Kelly's workshops empower women to inspire, succeed, and thrive in a fun and thoughtful way. 

Working on confidence, quick and creative thinking, leadership and presentation skills, Kelly approaches her workshops with a mixture of honesty, humor, and hands-on games that keep her presentations lively and engaging as well as informative.

For more information go to, Women's Empowerment or call her at 704-618-6003

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