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Young at Heart

On Monday I went for a physical, and I saw a new doctor, so it was mainly a getting-to-know-you session. She asked if I had any health concerns, and I answered with a “nope.“ Then she asked what were some of my health goals. Oh boy! Lose some weight, eat better, exercise more, and try to lower my cholesterol a little.

She explained that my plan needed to be manageable. In other words, don’t go cold turkey and give up everything in a week. She went on to say that even if you do that and have to reset again in a couple of months or even every couple of months, it’s better than not trying at all.

The whole conversation and the idea of resetting reminded me of what a friend used to say every summer when we were much much younger. “We’re going to get in good shape, get a good tan, and let her hair grow out.“ I believe the youngsters today called that a Hot Girl Summer.

Having a young person around is so awesome; Madi keeps me up-to-date on the slang. It’s so fascinating to watch the way the language grows and changes. She talks about “spilling the tea,” and I tell her we used to call it “spilling the beans.” Of course it’s also good to know some of these things because if I ever want to gross her out, I just say what the kids say. Apparently the lingo comes with an age requirement that I have surpassed.

The other thing Madi keeps me up-to-date on is music. I was bringing her home from college one time and about halfway through the trip I asked what she was listening to lately. Boy did I get a lesson complete with audio examples and detailed explanations about what makes each song great. Madi‘s musical taste is extremely eclectic and unapologetic. It was a fascinating lecture, and my playlist got a lot of new additions.

We won’t even get started on how good young people are with technology. There are so many advantages that that generation brings to the table and I’m not talking about beauty. I’m talking about their attitudes.

I’ve worked with teens for over 30 years, and I think they get a bad rap. Sometimes they are called surly and boisterous troublemakers. Sure, some are, but most aren’t. There are some old people who are grumpy and stuck in their ways, but most aren’t.

Here’s the thing: young people will try new things, regardless of the energy required or how impractical it might all be. I wonder how many times I’ve passed by something fun because I didn’t want to mess up my hair or get dirty or get home late. It gets so easy to always take the more comfortable, safest route. Maybe we lose our curiosity.

Today, I’m going to do my best to do something completely out of my wheelhouse. Something the young me wouldn’t have thought twice about and the older me is showing some hesitation about. What about you? What would the young you want you to do? If nothing else, turn up the music and sing along with Frank Sinatra.

Young At Heart:

Fairytales can come true,

it can happen to you,

if you’re young at heart.

For it’s hard you will find

to be narrow of mind

if you’re young at heart

You can go to extremes

with impossible schemes.

You can laugh when your dreams

fall apart at the seams.

And life gets more exciting with each passing day

and love is either in your heart or on its way.

Don’t you know that it’s worth

every treasure on earth

to be young at heart?

For as rich as you are

it’s much better by far

to be young at heart.

And if you should survive

to a hundred and five,

look at all you're derive

out of being alive.

And here is the best part,

you have a head start

if you are among the very young at heart.

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