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Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven…

Have you ever seen When Harry Met Sally or the host of other movies that take place over the New Years holiday? There is always a scene at the end where a huge New Year’s Eve party is taking place. Loud music, everyone dressed in their finest, champagne flowing freely, a huge countdown that culminates in everybody kissing someone. After the kissing is over, they all transition into everyone singing Auld Lang Syne. Frankly, the part I find the most unbelievable is that everyone knows the words to that song.

My New Year’s Eve last night was very much the same as it is in the movies with only a couple of minor changes. Instead of tuxedos, glittery dresses and high heels, Paul and I were wearing PJs. Instead of a fancy venue with all kinds of sparkly decorations, we were on the couch sharing a bowl of popcorn and drinking water to make sure we stayed hydrated. After watching the ball drop on TV and a quick peck on the lips, I went to bed, and Paul turned the TV back to a football game.

Around midnight I usually open the door for a moment or so. It is a ritual to symbolically allow the old year to leave and opens the house for the new that is to come. A few years ago, I read the very interesting book The 10,000 Doors of January by Alix Harrow and most of it centered around thresholds, that place between outside and inside or between rooms or places. It described the power of the liminal or the threshold and how most people take them for granted.

That’s exactly what New Year’s Eve is. It’s a huge threshold between the old and the new year. A time to reflect on the good and bad of the past year and to anticipate with hope what lies on the horizon.

I set aside time yesterday to come up with some intentions or resolutions, and of course, I have several personal betterment projects listed. As of right now (1:30 PM on New Year’s Day and I did get up late) I still have kept every one of them. I have had a kale smoothie, and that’s about it. There is still have plenty of time to upset the apple cart by the end of the day.

But more important than my list of resolutions, is a list I came across a while back. If I can master this list, it will determine my reaction when I break those resolutions. That’s the one thing that is guaranteed.

The list is short and the items are deceptively easy. In all honesty, these would be more beneficial than any of my resolutions.

Five simple rules for happiness.

1) Free your heart from hatred.

2) Free your mind from worries.

3) Live Simply.

4) Give More.

5) Expect Less.

So when it comes to my resolution of losing weight, I’m going to hedge my bets by “Expecting Less”. It’s a win-win.

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