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Just Kidding!

Looking back on the event in question, I can see the smoothness of the operation, the split-second timing, the storylines that completely jibed. It was a masterpiece - like FBI, CIA, James Bond, spy-worthy masterpiece.

When the reveal happened, I realized I had been pranked so hard that for a full minute I didn’t believe that it was a joke, and it had been carried out so well I couldn’t even be upset. Of course I will never trust anyone again. EVER!

Paul is typically not as much of a prankster as I am, which might be why last night’s shenanigans took place. I only have one friend who is a true prankster, and she travels with her own plastic cockroach, but that’s another story!

Last night Paul enlisted my college roommate’s help and asked her to say that someone I know had gotten her phone number and was texting her incessantly. The more I found out, the worse the situation seemed to be. I felt a sense of responsibility and was flummoxed as to how to handle it.

In the end, we laughed so hard at my gullibility that we cried. As they told me how the whole plan got started, the thing that amazed me was the minute Paul mentioned it, my “friend” was all in. ALL IN. Like instantly. And honestly that part makes me the happiest.

I love it when people are eager to have fun or join in the fun. So many times we are practical; we get bogged down by life. It takes so much energy to merely get through our days that there’s not enough left in the tank to have fun or really even contemplate it. I love that they both dove in ready to have some fun.

Several years ago I had a dentist appointment at 10:00 am, and Paul had one at 11:00 am. The hygienist mentioned that she was working with both of us that day. I had an idea, so I asked her if she would pretend that Paul had a cavity. Just shake him up a bit. Just like my friend, she was ready to jump right in.

When Paul arrived home, I just happened to be near the door, and casually asked how it went. He yelled, “I’m gonna kill you,” and took off chasing me around the house.

Apparently the woman was hard core. She told Paul he was going to need major oral surgery; she even roped the dentist into it too. For 45 minutes they had Paul believing he was looking at thousands of dollars’ worth of work and a lot of pain. Going a little too far? Maybe.

One of my favorite quotes in the world is probably one I've mentioned before, but comedian Victor Borge said, “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

It’s summer; so let’s lighten up, loosen up, have a little fun. Close the distance with those around you with a little laughter, but please stay away from a dental hygienist named Barbara.

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