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I haven’t been sleeping well. That’s not 100% accurate. I’ve been sleeping well – just not long enough. I wake every morning sometime between 5:00 and 5:20 AM. I don’t know why, but I am wide awake at that point and can’t go back to sleep.

Yesterday I was up early even though I was still very tired. I plodded downstairs and poured water into the coffee maker. I turned to throw something in the trash when it hit me: garbage pick-up day.

I had taken the trash to the curb the day before, but it was the wrong day, I realized at that moment. I completely missed the actual pick-up day. I took the container to the road on the wrong day. How did that happen? What was I doing on the previous day that made me forget it? No wonder there hadn’t been any other containers out.  This was going to confirm to the neighbors that I was crazy.

I sat there a few more minutes, pondering and shaking my head and then it hit me: it was my birthday. Wait, my birthday this year fell on Tuesday. If it was Tuesday and not Wednesday, I took the trash out on Monday, which was the right day. Just like Scrooge with Christmas, I hadn’t missed it after all.

So that’s the way my day began. Before I finished my coffee the doorbell rang. Who could be here so early? I opened the door to find my good friend Elizabeth, standing there holding a present.

I love surprises, and this looked like a great one.  I invited the gift fairy inside, and I opened the package as excitedly as a kid although my first few wakeful moments had proven that that was not the case.

My friend “Julie” (for privacy's sake) contacted Elizabeth and made her request for my gift.  Several months back Elizabeth started her own company called Simple Gifts Co.(  She specializes in “curated gifts”.  I have never had a curated gift.  To be honest, I had to look it up: “a collection of carefully selected items that are put together to create a unique and thoughtful gift.”

I am so incredibly lucky.  As I spent the rest of my day receiving birthday wishes from people, all of whom I love dearly, I couldn’t help but think I live a well-curated life: a collection of carefully selected friends and loved ones that are put together to create a unique and happy life.  What a gift.


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